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At Active Pest Control we offer many services from pest prevention to pest control. Below you can find a more detailed list of our services, if the service you require isn't listed feel free to call us or send us and email to discuss the matter further.

Insects | Rodents | Larger Creatures | Anti-Perching Spikes

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We are experienced in identifying unknown species and offer many varied solutions to infestation issues.

Insects we can deal with include: Ants; Bedbugs; Beetles; Bird Fleas; Bird Mites; Carpet Beetles; Cat Fleas; Cockroaches; Dog Fleas; Earwigs; Flies; Spiders; Wasps; Woodlice


We are able to deal with all types of rodents using many different methods to fit around you and current legislation.

An example of rodents we deal with include: Rats; Mice ; Glis Glis ; Squirrels

Larger Creatures

We are also able to deal with larger creatures, please contact us for more infomation.

Fox's ; Rabbits ; Dragons ; Pigeons etc

Anti Perching Spikes

We are able to install anti-perching spikes in a wide variety of locations, surfaces and heights. These devices stop birds from perching with out harming them.

Please call us on 01494 562325 or email for more infomation.

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